Housekeeping services essentially deal with cleaning and other services related to it. In the case of daily cleaning our deployed team makes a checklist of specific places that must be cleaned daily. In spite of the fact that life can be complex, basic things shouldn’t be. RSE endeavors to remove the pressure from your day so you live in your direction. With expert assistance, RSE assists you with recovering your time so you can relax on things that matter the most.

We also take feedback from the clients and keep on continually improving on the desired areas. Our specialized housekeeping folks know how to take care of delicate items while cleaning them. It is always a point of concern for customers whether the cleaning staff will be able to handle the items carefully and clean them without putting any damage.

By providing high-quality housekeeping services, we have become one of the prominent and credible facility management services in Bangalore. We have a well-trained team that operates in the housekeeping services department to meet all the requirements of the clients. We provide housekeeping services for different corporate offices, campuses, IT industries, and other commercial complexes. We also guarantee to leave you a motivating workspace that will intrigue your customers and representatives the same.

Employing an expert housekeeping services organization to clean up your office can regularly be a troublesome interaction, except if you enlist the correct group. That is the place where RSE security services come in.

Contrasted with other cleaning organizations that just look after offices, RSE provides an outstanding norm of administration that will support the tasteful allure of your office and enhance your business.

From ordinary housekeeping to seasonal support and periodic administrations, we endeavor to convey a cleaner, better, and more secure working environment, that will help assurance, profitability, and the prosperity of your representatives.


Our portfolio of facility management services includes chauffer, housekeeping, maintenance, corporate.

  • 1Maintenance of client’s property
  • 2Deep Cleaning
  • 3Restroom Cleaning
  • 4Pantry management
  • 5Gardening
  • 6Office desk Cleaning
  • 7Sofa Cleaning
  • 8Water tank Cleaning
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