Traditionally, the security service industry has been mostly involved with male employees. In modern years, more females have shown interest in security, creating an occasion for firms to make room for gender equality in the workplace. We provide female security guards to secure your female office staff/workers. Today in this modern era more and more women are going out for work. But when it comes to security and safety, any place is not considered to be safe. Hiring a female security guard is the best solution for this.

A lady shouldn’t be an expert wrestler to deal with safety officer assignments, however, it is significant for her to be physically fit. She should likewise show sharp communication, observational abilities, and dynamic capacities.

Male or Female Security guards should be straightforward and devoted to guarding individuals, regardless of whether they are working on any occasion as an event or in a retail location.

Our well-trained female security guard can provide security during travel, in cabs, in the industry, or anywhere you want. Your female staff will feel safe. We have gained an exceptional specialty in society by offering prevalent quality security services.

We only provide trained lady security officers. We hire female security officers in age between 35-45 years who are physically fit and healthy, and ready to take up any challenges. We consider and give importance to their uniform, physical fitness, previous experience, their background details.

  • 1Traveling from Home to Office
  • 2In-office cabs
  • 3Events
  • 4Special events
  • 5Drop and Pick up female Staff
  • 6Women’s Hostel
  • 7Women’s Collage
  • 8Protection of senior citizen at home
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