A party isn’t a party until you can have fun without worrying about security. Staffing for large crowds is our expertise. Offering uniformed event staff and ushers. RSE Service offers event staff, ushers, crowd management services, post trash pickup, valet services, and priority transport.
We put up special security arrangements for events. We take great pride in offering only the best security services for events and shows across Bangalore. We even take responsibility and give first aid assistance for any kind of emergency that might arise during any party or an event.

We train personnel’s in ensuring security at the main gates, main doors, receptions, etc. We also train them in the activity of guest escorting. Special security arrangements are made for events held by corporate companies, schools & colleges, etc. We also provide well-trained professionals at events such as flag hoisting, musical events, award functions, and sports events.

No matter whatever is the size of your event or occasion, we promise you to deliver the best event security guard services. At RSE, we offer highly efficient Event Security Services for the specific venues without compromising on security requirements to our clients. Since we have a local presence, our security officers and security staff already adhere to local security licensing regulations. They are specifically trained to deal with issues in any event setting where there is a high risk.

Marriage celebrations, religious, social, Book Fair, get-togethers, Bar, any parties, fundraising events, conventions, birthday or other celebrations, gaming club, school functions, sports, exhibitions, often involve high profile people who need additional protection. Events of any size, especially those that involve big crowd involvement, are liable to different types of threats such as fire, explosions, theft, stampede, quarrels, accidents, and emergency health-care requirements like BP variations, heart-attacks, etc. Before the event, our security staffs draw up a security plan keeping the event theme and venue arrangements in mind. Our aim is to safeguard everyone and the event goes smoothly, without any trouble.  Our security guards are the first to be on the event venue and the last to leave the place.

We have experience in planning and executing security solutions for large crowd events. Providing high standard, security services for any type of event is the mission of our service.

These facilities by RSE makes us the leading brand in event security service providers and have earned the faith. We have the best-trained guards who can take care of a large crowd.

You can be peaceful that your event goes smoothly from start to finish with our experienced event security guard services in Bangalore.

  • Static and Mobile Event Security Guards
  • Large Crowd Control Services
  • CCTV Installation and Surveillance
  • 1Protect event from unwanted guests
  • 2Crowd control to ensure guests don’t disturb the event
  • 3Inspecting guest for suspicious weapons to avoid accidental situations with social guests.
  • 4Safeguarding the equipment by limiting the entry to the area having valuable items.

At RSE, our security packages are customized to meet your security needs, as we completely understand that no two events are the same.

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