Every building has a unique safety requirement. Security services are a must-have for commercial businesses such as malls, theaters, restaurants, retail outlets, and other such public places. We know your needs and therefore, we provide security services to you in the form of security officers.

Protect your employees & overcome unparalleled security challenges. Believe us, our customized security services definitely match your business type. Our security system includes video cameras with 24/7 surveillance and alarms that go off in the presence of an unknown entity. Choose a reliable security service provider as we give 24 hours a day, 7 days a week alarm response.

Every commercial business needs a different type of security system. Our security system includes video cameras with 24/7 surveillance. The training is given as per the needs of the industry in the commercial sector. The commercial segment includes Malls/Commercial Complex/BPOs/Corporate Retail Outlets/Educational Institution etc.


Once you hire RSE security services, you will be free from worrying about danger or threat. Any kind of business will have a certain level of risk in it. Are you looking for the best and experienced commercial security services for your company? Be among those who have been utilizing the best commercial security service by our qualified security guards. RSE Security Services brings you the best and efficient male or female security officers who are trained and well-equipped to guard your place of business. Based on your business type and business place, the security guards we outsource would differ.  RSE Security Service understands that a provision store would need a different type of security officer as compared to the super-market. And we know exactly how we could cater to these demands in a famous city like Bangalore!

Commercial Security services

Commercial Security services are for commercial businesses such as malls, jewellery shops, coffee shops, restaurants, movie halls, female security guards for salons, retail stores, and other similar public places in Bangalore. We understand your needs and therefore, we provide commercial security services in the form of trained security guards and as well as alarms.

  • 1Understanding that someone is there for the well-being of the store, employees, and customers.
  • 2Someone who is constantly on the lookout for any signs of distrustful behavior or activity.
  • 3Security guards can be ambassadors for your business.
  • 4Ability to personalize the level of safety present based on the needs of a particular business.
  • 5Sensible services that still provide actual and perceived protection for the firm.
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